Lounging Linda


H E L L O ! 

I'm Lounging Linda from London

I have been joyfully collecting and sewing for Blythe since 2005 after first spotting her in a 2001 Sony Walkman campaign shot by Gina Garan, photographer of the cult book: This is Blythe. A couple of years later I noticed her popping up on crafting blogs and before I knew it I had purchased by first neo Blythe: Lounging Lovely and not long after, my first Kenner Blythe (then, my 2nd, 3rd, 4th ... ^_^)

As a doll seamstress I've had the longest love affair with gold and metallics, layering tulle, glitter, lace, accented with gold embellishments and combined with a sumptuous jewel toned palette. My inspiration has always come from outside of the hobby and I adore the silhouettes and aesthetics of the 50s, 60s and 70s fashion eras.

Sewing for Blythe has brought so much joy to my life, given me so many cherished international friends and helped me travel the world to attend Blythe Cons. 

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